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Tailored Tours

At LETPNG we are flexible to offer tailor-made itineraries containing any tours in any parts of PNG. We can do any lengths of itineraries from shorter few days to longer weeks and months. The costs for the itineraries we provide are grouped into different paxes. Travellers in big numbers may take advantage of huge discounts that come as a result of sharing costs.

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2012 Traditional Sing-sings and Festivities:

 2012 Mt Hagen Show Pkgs

 2012 Goroka Show Pkgs

 2012 Morobe Show Pkgs

 2012 PNG Mask Festival

 2012 Waghi Show Pkgs


Samples of past itineraries:


* Sepik/Mt Wilhelm/Highlands Discoverer Package (2010)


* 2010 Mt Hagen Show Highlands Discoverer (2010)


* PNG Highlands-Islands Explorere Package (2010)


* PNG Mt Hagen Show-Solomon Islands Package (2010)


Pictured is a client who encountered the Waghi people through a tailore-made program in 2011.


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