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Past Clients Testimonies

"Many thanks for the trip into Highlands region. I really enjoyed meeting all the clans there and Charlie and Justin were so kind, helpful and above all, intent on making my trip as interesting and enjoyable as possible. I think you did an excellent job in trying to organize the best cultural visits in the time available and apart from the hiccup in Tari, the accommodation was most satisfactory considering the general standards in PNG. Most of all I loved the welcome and genuine kindness of all the people I met on my trip and complete strangers who made me feel really at home." 2010 - Jane O'Brien- England.

"The staff was very professional and made us feel at home with their friendliness. Any unforeseen itinerary revisions were worked out seamlessly and to our satisfaction. We hope to return to PNG someday because we've never met more genuine, wonderful people. Dianne, please keep in touch and let us know if we can help in anyway to send more tourists to PNG where they will experience the trip of a lifetime. Attached is one of many photos we took of our memorable PNG trip, Regards", 2010 - Alicia and Gloria- USA.

"I very much enjoyed the trip to Wewak and the Sepik River area. Seeby was very helpful and it was so interesting to see how the river people live in comparison to the Highlands. A complete contrast in every way, including the weather (wow, very hot and humid), so I do feel that I have seen some of the most striking and vivid areas of PNG in the space of two short weeks." - 2010 -Jane, Ireland.

"Thanks a lot for orgniasing our stay at Lissenung. It was fun doing all the activities on the island. The staff we friendlier and thh food was great.We hope in the future to explore more places in New Guinea through your company!" - 2010, Dr. Rob, Adelaide -SA, AU

"We enjoyed the trip to the New Guinea Islands and the Highlands very much. Everyone was very helpful and it was so interesting to expereince how contrasting the islanders are to the highlanders. Both groups of people we encountered were friendly but great contrast in their manner they approached us. The Islanders were reserved and gentle and the mountain people where foward and being very open. Thank you NETS." - 2010, D. Poynting, Au

" I enjoyed the Aseki Kuku-Kuku people very much. This encounter was an experience I will never forget." - 2011 - McCommack - Sydney, Australia.

"We came to PNG with a lot of scepticism about everything we heard. What we found out in PNG during our tours was totally different from what had been reported overseas through the mass media. Everybody here is friendly and their cultures and traditions are unique and complex. We love everything we have seen so far. We thank Niugini Eco Tourism Services for giving us a wonderful tour of this beautiful country. We will go back and tell our friends and colleagues to come to this beautiful country in the near future." 2011 – Giovanni and Francesca - Italy

"All our group (of 12 pax) is well, and we are very happy to have seen Papua New Guinea with you. Wonderfull experience in Mt Hagen Festival, and very fine the location in Sepik in the guest house of Peter. Yes we are sure that we will provide you with positive feedback on the web turistic page in Italy. - 2011, Andrea Fiocchi - Italy

"You guys have been fantastic on everything, especially on your attitude and kindness and ability to adapt the program to our needs both beforehand where we told you we had booked already a flight and you adapted the program according to that and also during the trip itself where you had to change the progam as i could not climb mt hagen. Also the choiches of places to visit has been great. Point of improvement: i believe you need to stat thinking of expanding the area on which you operate: when we went to Tari the service provided by the tour operator there was not comparable to the service provided by you, so we suggest you to operate also in other areas whenever possible. We definitely enjoyed the experience and i wish you all the success you deserve. Take care." Gab&Silvia - Italy 2011.

"Their 'Highland Experience', including trekking to the summits of Mt Wilhelm and Mt Hagen, is a must for all keen adventurers. The outstanding walking and cultural experiences are matched by their care and attention to their clients . I left PNG extremely satisfied and richer for the journey.", Marty Hook -June 2011, Melbourne.

2012 Traditional Sing-sings and Festivities:

 2012 Mt Hagen Show Pkgs

 2012 Goroka Show Pkgs

 2012 Morobe Show Pkgs

 2012 PNG Mask Festival

 2012 Waghi Show Pkgs


Most of our past clients have undertaken tours through our tailor-made programs by filling out the Tailored Tours Form. Alterively you can send us an email and we will send you a response within 24 hours.


Samples of past itineraries:


* Sepik/Mt Wilhelm/Highlands Discoverer Package (2010)


* 2010 Mt Hagen Show Highlands Discoverer (2010)


* PNG Highlands-Islands Explorere Package (2010)


* PNG Mt Hagen Show-Solomon Islands Package (2010)


Pictured is a client who encountered the remote Kutube village through a tailore-made program in 2011.


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