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New Guinea Islands Escape Tours

This package is suitable for holidays makers who love the sun, sand and the sea. You will get up close and personal with the islands people of New Guinea who are well known for their friendliness and warm hospitality. Notable of the accommodation options are the Treehouse Village Eco-Resort, a collection of native-style waterfront bungalows built around the world’s largest inhabited tree house, and the award-winning Lissenung Island Resort, with just a handful of low-impact bungalows on a tiny island.

Program Overview
Commencing Day (s):
Number of Nights:
Nine (9)
Tour Availability:
All year around from 2012 to 2013
Places to Visit:
Rabaul, Kavieng, Lissenung Islands and Tree-House Eco Resort
Tour Extensions:
Program can be extended to the Highlands for 4 additional days.

Detailed Itinerary: Port Moresby, Rabaul, Kavieng, Tree-House Eco Resort and Lissenung Island Resort. (This program can be extended to the Highlands for for 4 additional nights).

Day 1: Port Moresby/Rabaul
Board flight PX204 at 10:00 from Port Moresby to Rabaul's Tokua Airport. Half day tour of Rabaul and its surroundings. Overnight at Rabaul Hotel. (D)

Day 2: Rabaul/Baining Village
First half of the day explore fierce battle sites and war relics. After lunch transfer to the Baining region for village and cultural discovery tours. Highlight of today is witnessing the fascinating Baining fire dancers. Overnight at Baining Village Guesthouse. (BLD)

Day 3: Rabaul/Kavieng
First part of the day continue exploring the villages in the Baining area and then drive back to the Rabaul board flight PX 274 to Kavieng. The flight departs at 17:10 and arrives at 17:45. Overnight Treehouse Village Eco-Resort. (BLD)

Day 4: Kavieng/Tree-House Eco Resort
Discovery of the east coast of New Ireland by car on the Buluminski Highway to Konos. Overnight at Treehouse Eco-Resort after a picnic lunch and overnight. (BLD)

Day 5, 6: Tree-House Eco Resort
Today and tomorrow at Treehouse Eco Resort dive (optional), snorkel, dugout canoe trips along the lagoon, cultural dancers on the islands and relaxing on the white sandy beaches and enjoy the sun. Overnight at Tree House Eco-Reosrt. (BLD)

Day 7: Kavieng/Lissenung Island
Transfer to across the lagoon to Lissenung Island and enjoy everything Lissenung Island has to offer. This is an unfeigned tropical paradise experience. (BLD)

Day 8, 9: Lissenung Island
Two days "all spent in paradise" with variety of activities including snorkeling, fishing, swimming, diving, bird watching, or just relaxing on the white sandy beach enjoying the sun. Overnight at the Lissenung Island Resort. (BLD)

Day 10: Kavieng/Port Moresby
Board flight PX 275 at 06:00 to Port Moresby via Rabaul for Port Moresby. Your arrival time in Port Moresby is 08:25. END OF PROGRAM or for EXTENSION to the Highlands see below. (B)

For detailed itinerary and costing download the pdf here or or just e-mail us!

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Highlands Explorer Tours
In this extended program you will be visiting the Highlands region of PNG including Goroka and Mt Hagen and parts of Simbu and Enga provinces. Highlights of this program including an encounter with the Asaro Mud-men of Goroka and several other tribal groups in Mt Hagen plus birding, wildlife and nature tours in Kumul Lodge.

4 nights itinerary: Kavieng, Goroka, Simbu, Mt Hagen and Kumul Lodge.

Day 10: Wewak/Goroka
Board flight PX 275 at 06:00 to Port Moresby via Rabaul for Port Moresby and get connection flight to Goroka on flight PX960. Half day tour in Goroka including Asaro Mudmen and villages. Overnight at Red Riverside Lodge. (LD)

Day 14: Goroka/Mt Hagen
Transfer by road to Mt Hagen. En route village and cultural tours in Simbu Province. Overnight at Pakuwat Wilderness Lodge. (BD)

Day 15: Mt Hagen (Rugli Village)/Kumul Lodge
Transfer to Rugli village for village and cultural tours. Afternoon transfer to Kumul Lodge and overnight. (BLD)

Day 16: Kumul Lodge
Full day Kumul Lodge birding and wildlife discovery tours. Overnight at Kumul Lodge. (BLD)

Day 17: Kumul Lodge/Mt Hagen/Port Moresby
Transfer to the airport and board flight PX181 to Port Moresby. The flight departs at 10:30 and arrives at 11:30. (B) END OF PROGRAM.

For detailed itinerary and costing download the pdf here or or just e-mail us!

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Brief overview & highlights for this tour program:

* 9 nights program starts @ PGK4,365 per person.

* Tour is available all year around.

* Tour covers Rabaul, New Irelands, Tree-House and Lissenung Resort

* Highlights including the Rabaul volcanic mountains, Baining Dancers, and Tree-House eco resort.

* Travel Agents can apply for commissions and discounts.

* This tour can be extended to the Highlands for 4 additional nights.


Let us know what dates you would like to travel for this particular program. We will then inform you if there are others already registered for the tour on your requested dates. You can choose to do this program on your own if there are no other persons registered for the dates you intend to travel. For more information send us an email or call us on +675 5423552.


Lissenung Island
A secluded Island that offers pristine waters for all the water-based activities. Its a place of total relaxation and escapism.

Past Clientele Testimonies regarding the New Guinea Island.

"Thanks a lot for organizing our stay at Lissenung. It was fun doing all the activities on the island you proposed. The staff we friendly and the food was great.We hope in the future to explore more places in New Guinea through your company!" - 2010, Dr. Rob, Adelaide -SA, AU

"We enjoyed the trip to the New Guinea Islands and the Highlands very much. Everyone was very helpful and it was so interesting to experience how contrasting the islanders are to the highlanders. Both groups of people we encountered were friendly but great contrast in their manner they approached us. The Islanders were reserved and gentle and the mountain people where forward and being very open. Thank you NETS." - 2010, D. Poynting, Au

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