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2012 Mt Hagen Show Highlands Explorer

The 2012 Mt Hagen Show and the Highlands Explorer package include two days of cultural extravaganzas in Mt Hagen plus the discovery of the Highlands region including the Tari Basin, Mt Hagen, Simbu and Goroka. In Tari you will meet the renowned Huli Wigmen and get up-close with their traditional way of life, rituals and subsistence economy. Featuring prominently along with the Huli Wigmen is the Asaro mud-men dancers in Goroka together with war-like tribal warriors in Mt Hagen and Simbu.

9 nights itinerary brief overview: 6th to 15th Aug 2012 covering the Tari Basin, Mt Hagen (Mt Hagen Show), Simbu and Goroka. (Can be extended to Sepik for an additional 5 nights).

Day 1: Tues 07th - International Flight/Port Moresby/Tari Basin
Board flight PX864 to Tari. Flight departs at 09:00 and arrives at 11:30. Half day tours including a Huli Wigmen sing-sing. Overnight at Hela Guesthouse. (D)

Day 2: Wed 08th - Tari Basin
Today fully immerse yourself in the Huli culture and its intriguing traditions. Overnight at GMT Lodge. (BLD)

Day 3: Thurs - Tari/Mt Hagen
Transfer by road to Mt hagen. Drive time is 6-7 hours. Overnight at Pakuwat Wilderness Lodge. (BD)

Day 5: Fri 10th - Pakuwat Mini-Show/Rugli Village
First part of the day visit Pakuwat Mini-Show, a prelude of Mt Hagen Show. Afternoon visit Rugli village for a full Hagen village and cultural discovery. Overnight at Pakuwat Lodge. (BLD)

Day 6, 7:  Sat 11th,  Sun 12th - Mt Hagen Show Ground
Spend these two days enjoying the show festivity where you will be captivated by the cultural extravaganza displayed by hundreds of different tribes of PNG. Overnights atPakuwat Lodge.. (BLD)

Day 7: Mon 13th - Kumul Lodge
Spend the entire day birding and wildlife tours at Kumul Lodge. For those who are not keen birders, there are many wildlife and nature activities to keep you occupied. Overnight at Kumul Lodge. (L)

Day 8: Tues 14th -  Mt Hagen/Simbu/Goroka
Transfer to Goroka. En route stop at Suave in the Chimbu Province and meet the Emerian people who will showcase their traditions and culture. Arrive in Goroka and overnight at Red Riverside Lodge and overnight. (BLD)

Day 9:  Wed 15th – Goroka (Asaro Village)
First part of the day will see you visiting the Asaro Valley to see the legendary Asaro Mud men. After lunch tours including the JK McCarthy Cultural and Historical Museum, Art Gallery, etc. Overnight at Red Riverside Lodge. (BLD)

Day 10: Thurs 16th - Goroka/Port Moresby
Board flight PX 961 to Port Moresby for your next destination. The flight departs Goroka at 10:45 and arrives at 11:55. END OF THE PROGRAM or for EXTENSION to Sepik River see below.

For detailed itinerary and costing download the pdf here or or just e-mail us!

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Sepik River Explorer Tours
In this extended program you will be canoeing on motorized dingy on the mighty Sepik River emerging yourself into the mystical culture of the Sepik people and explore some of the raw ecological beauty along the river's natural habitat. You will come to learn the fascinating culture of the river people with their rituals, initiation ceremonies, crafts, and the daily lifestyles that is demarcated by the river itself.

5 nights itinerary brief overview: 23rd to 28th Sept 2012 covering Goroka, Wewak, and the Sepik River.

Day 10: Thurs 16th - Goroka/Madang/Wewak
Transfer to the Madang by road and get connection flight PX126 at 15:35 to Wewak. Overnight at Wewak Surfside Lodgel. (D)

Day 11:  Fri 17th - Wewak/Kanganamun
Transferred to Pagwi for your canoe expedition. Visit the oldest Haus Tambaran along the Sepik River and overnight at Kanganamun Guest House. (BLD)

Day 12: Sat 18th - Kanganamun/Palambe/Kamanabit
Transfer to Palambe by motorize canoe and hike inland for about 30 minutes and exploring the Palembe villages and visit the Haus Tambarans. Overnight Kamanabit village guest house. (BLD)

Day 13: Sun 19th - Kamanabit/Chambri Lakes
Continue journey into Chambri Lake by motorized canoe and see potteries of all sizes, shapes, colors and patterns. Overnight at Kamanabit village house. (BLD)

Day 14: Mon 20th - Kamanabit/Wewak
Bid farewell to your friendly hosts at Kamanabit village and transfer to Pagwi and onto Wewak. Overnight at Wewak Surfside Lodgel. (BL)

Day15: Tues 21st - Wewak/Port Moresby
Transfer to the airport and board flight PX 125 at 06:00 to Port Moresby for your next destination.  END OF PROGRAM.

For detailed itinerary and costing download the pdf here or or just e-mail us!

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Brief overview & highlights for this tour program:

*  9 nights program starts @ PGK5,485 per person. HURRY! Limited spaces available.

* Tour starts on the 07th Aug and ends on the 15th August 2012.

* Tour covers the Tari Basin, Mt Hagen for 2012 Mt Hagen Show, Simbu and Goroka.

* Highlights including the Huli Wig-men, the Asaro Mud-men and 2012 Mt Hagen Show.

Travel Agents can apply for commissions and discounts.

* This tour can be extended to the Sepik River for an additional 5 nights at only PGKK2,300 p/p.



Mt Hagen Show is a premier cultural event in PNG. Most clientele bookings is confirmed in advance to secure good rooms in hotels, lodges and guesthouses. We encourage you to secure your place by way of booking confirmation early. Call us on +675 542 3552 or email us at sales@letpng.com


Skeleton Dancers - WHP
In 2012 Mt Hagen Show you will see hundreds of tribal sing-sing groups show-casing their cultures and traditions including the skeleton dancing groups portraying a common culture of mummification in some PNG tribal groups.

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"The staff was very professional and made us feel at home with their friendliness. Any unforeseen itinerary revisions were worked out seamlessly and to our satisfaction. We hope to return to PNG someday because we've never met more genuine, wonderful people. Dianne, please keep in touch and let us know if we can help in anyway to send more tourists to PNG where they will experience the trip of a lifetime. Attached is one of many photos we took of our memorable PNG trip, Regards", Alicia and Gloria- USA



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