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2012 Mt Hagen Cultural Show and Sing-sing

Every year in the month of August tribes in the highlands of Papua New Guinea gather peacefully to celebrate their ancestral traditions with singing and dancing in the Mt Hagen Show. It is one of the most extraordinary sights ever witnessed by international travelers. 

Beneath an intense tropical sun and surrounded by jungle-clad mountains, over 2,000 tribesmen and women parade onto a sports field. Their bodies glistened with pig fat and their faces with red, black and yellow ochre. The men wear pig tusks through their noses and quills from the cassowary, a giant bird the size of an emu.  They sport glittering head-dresses made from bird of paradise feathers, and round their waists they wear grass kilts, known somewhat cheekily in Papua New Guinea's Pidgin English as "arse-grass".  This is the Mount Hagen Show, the premier tribal gatherings held annually in the Mt Hagen.

Select any of the following 2012 Mt Hagen Show packages. Or alternatively you can contact our sales team and we can specially tailor an itinerary that suits your interest.

  Tour Name Durations Tour Dates
Starting cost
Mt Hagen Show-Sepik & Highlands Discoverer 12 nights 04th-1th Aug 2012
K5,800 p/p
Mt Hagen Show-Momase Discoverer 17 nights 27th Jul-13th Aug 2012
K8,905 p/p
Mt Hagen Show-Highlands Discoverer 8 nights 07th-15th Aug 2012
K5,125 p/p
Mt Hagen Show-Weekender 4 nights 09 th-13th Aug 2012

IMPORTANT NOTE: Limited spaces available for all the above packages. We will not exceed 15 pax for each program. We reserve spaces on first-come first-serve basis. So HURRY! and send us and email and secure your space.

2012 Mt Hagen Cultural Show Packages:

Highlands Discoverer Discoverer
Sepik/Tari Discoverer
Momase Discoverer
Weekender Package


Mt Hagen Show is a premier cultural event in PNG. Most clientele bookings is confirmed in advance to secure good rooms in hotels, lodges and guesthouses. We encourage you to secure your place by way of booking confirmation early. Call us on +675 542 3552 or email us at sales@letpng.com


The Semi-naked Sili Muli women dancers will show-case their mouth-watering dance at the 2012 Pakuwat Mini-Show.


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