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Papua New Guinea Birding Trip and Tours for 2012

PNG's extensive tropical rainforest provides the perfect habitat for a wide variety of birdlife, including the world's smallest parrot and 38 of the 43 known species of birds of paradise. The country is famous for these brilliantly coloured birds, and many tribal groups use their plumes to decorate traditional costumes and head dresses, especially in the Highlands. Other bird species include parrots, pigeons, kingfishers, kokomos (hornbills), palm cockatoos and Papua New Guinea’s largest bird, the giant cassowary.

We can offer bird watching trips to popular birding spots in Papua New Guinea at the following locations; Kumul Lodge in the borders of Western Highlands and Enga Provinces; Bulolo and Wau Districts in Morobe Provinces; Variarata close to Port Moresby; Tari Basin in Southern Highlands; Kiunga and Tabubil in Western Provinces; and Walindi in Hoskins.

Select any of the following main packages or alternatively you can contact our sales team for a specially tailored birding program to suit your budget and style.

  Tour Name Durations
Starting cost
PNG Mainland Birding (Tari Gap,Kumul Lodge, Kiunga and Tabubil)
13 nights
PGK6,183 p/p
PNG Highlands Papua Birding (Varirata, Tari Gap and Kumul Lodge)
10 nights
PGKK5,010 p/p

* You can choose to do any discoverer program on your own if there are no other persons registered for the dates you intend to travel.
* Travel Agents and Wholsalers can apply for special discounts and commissions.




2012 Standard PNG Birding Packages:

 PNG Mainland Birding

 PNG Highlands Papua Birding


Let us know what dates you would like to travel for this program. We will then inform you if there are others already registered for the tour on your requested dates. You can choose to do this program on your own if there are no other persons registered for the dates you intend to travel. For more information send us an email or call us on +675 5423552


This orange blur Crested Bird-of-paradise is found in Kumul Lodge.

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